Our Vision

UniLink aims to support students to develop lasting friendships.
We believe that clubs and societies to be the ultimate way to find your people, whilst finding new interests and building new skills, however more than 1 in 3 students are not involved.
UniLink bridges the gap between students and these opportunities.



Step 1: Sign up
Students begin their journey by signing with their university email address. They input both their studies and the extracurricular activities that intrigue them.

Are you a student in Leeds? Then check out the App! Go and type in your browser:  Unilink.wtf

Step 2: Curated Recommendations for each user
Once a student has signed up, UniLink gets to work. Our intelligent algorithm identifies events hosted by societies eager to enhance their involvement and engagement. From sports to arts, from music to business – we cater to each student’s unique preferences.

Step 3: Collect Points
Students can attend the events which interest them. Attending these recommended events isn't just about having fun – it's a pathway to growth. When a student participates, they can scan a QR code from an event organiser and earn points. These points contribute to their profile score.

Step 4: Unlock Rewards
When users achieve a predetermined score, they gain access to a treasure trove of vouchers from partner venues. Whether it's a cozy café, a vibrant restaurant, or an exciting local hotspot, their participation pays off in tangible rewards.


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