Our founding story

UniLink is more than just a platform; it's a vision born from personal experiences and a deep desire to make university life truly exceptional.

Ben Turner, Co-Founder:

In 2017, I moved from Northern Ireland to Leeds after having lost my mother two years prior.
The campus held the promise of new beginnings, but when I arrived I faced a very different reality.
I began to struggle with my mental health and found myself at a crossroads.
The weight of uncertainty led me to question my path, and I even contemplated the idea of dropping out entirely.

It was during these crossroads that I sought help from those I had the fortune of meeting through my halls of residence.
As I opened and shared my struggles, I felt the weight of pressure begin to lift. Through their support and understanding, I realised the profound impact of friendship and genuine connections on my mental health.

This realisation changed everything. It became clear that meaningful connections were the cornerstone of a positive university experience.
I knew there must have been others like me, and after researching the problem, it turned out there were many.

With a newfound perspective, I had a vision of bringing everyone together, uniting students who were facing similar struggles, and preventing anyone from falling through the cracks. This vision became the driving force behind UniLink.
I got lucky to cross paths with Markus, a kindred spirit who believed in this vision. Markus has a long history of successful start-ups and possesses the complementary skills and experience needed to help develop the idea into a product that every student can use.


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